Yarn Off - Round 2

by - 11:51 AM

And we're back for another round of Yarn Off! 

Back in July, Me and RaeLynn from AllieCat's Hats and Crafts had a little friendly fun with a crochet competition. We were inspired by an incident we had during a round of Battle of the Stitches. Click HERE to read more about it!

We use the same yarn brand and line, in the same colorways, AND we will be working on the same type of project. But, we won't know anything about each other's designs. It's so much fun!!

Last round we both made adult summer tops using Red Heart Creme de la Creme. 

This round we will be using Red Heart Sweet in Ivory, Bark, Rust, and Teal. This is a fun new line from Red Heart that I can't wait to tell you more about! 

We're keeping the project a secret for now, but feel free to comment below with your guesses!

Check back next week for the reveal, yarn review, and vote for your favorite! Oh, and there may be prizes involved! **WINK, WINK**

Thank you for joining in the fun! I hope you're as excited about this as we are!

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  1. Beautiful colors and texture!! Looks like it would make a beautiful blanket!!

  2. Sooo pretty!!! Can't wait for the reveal!!

  3. Sooo pretty!!! Can't wait for the reveal!!

  4. maybe one of the super scarves I see on all the websites?

  5. Might be a super scarf but I hope not since they are so long they look dangerous--looks like someone could trip over them too easily. I hope it is a blanket since it looks like a bulky yarn.

  6. I'm thinking a blanket for winter but I'm hoping for a poncho but I'm sure it will be nice!

  7. A super scarf or a cardigan type sweater

  8. A super scarf or a cardigan type sweater


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