One Month of Patterns Giveaway

Let's start off 2016 the right way...

This past year turned out to be amazing. I reached new goals I didn't anticipate and it ended on a note so wonderful I couldn't even begin to thank you all enough! That's right, it's because of all of you!

So, I want to show my gratitude for all of the support I have received by giving away a new pattern everyday for the entire month of January! All you have to do is come back to this post everyday & find out what the pattern is. Then head over and grab your copy!

**IMPORTANT NOTES: Each pattern is only free for one day. The code will expire at 11:59 pm EST on the day it is posted. Before you make the purchase, make sure the code has gone through and the cart reflects "FREE". There will be no refunds for patterns purchased accidentally. Also, make sure you are logged in to your account, so your patterns can go to your library.
Updated to add: There are a lot of people taking advantage of this giveaway and a lot of people have missed one pattern, two patterns, or maybe even five or more patterns. I understand that it's a bummer to miss out on some of them, but I won't be able gift missed patterns. If I do it for one person, I have to do it for everyone that missed out, and I just would not have the time to catch everyone up. I do apologize for this and I hope you all understand.

DAY #1 (January 1st, 2016): X-treme Beanie (CLOSED)

DAY # 2 (January 2nd, 2016): Rolling Waves Purse (CLOSED)

DAY #3 (January 3rd, 2016): Seasons Change Convertible Slouch (CLOSED)

DAY #4 (January 4th, 2016): Floating Hearts Convertible Beanie (CLOSED)

DAY #5 (January 5th, 2016): Frolic in the Flowers Slippers (CLOSED)

DAY #6 (January 6th, 2016): BBQ Toolbelt Apron (CLOSED)

DAY #7 (January 7th, 2016): Mug Love (CLOSED)

DAY #8 (January 8th, 2016): Knit Illusions Skully (CLOSED)

DAY #9 (January 9th, 2016): Sugar Rush Basket (CLOSED)

DAY #10 (January 10th, 2016): Little Country Girl Tank/Sundress (CLOSED)

DAY #11 (January 11th, 2016): Mallory Skirt (CLOSED)

DAY #12 (January 12th, 2016): Spring Breeze Sweater (CLOSED)

DAY #13 (January 13th, 2016): Playful Pixie Bonnet (CLOSED)

DAY #14 (January 14th, 2016): Tons of Love Elephant (CLOSED)

DAY #15 (January 15th, 2016): Holidaze Wine Tote (CLOSED)

DAY #16 (January 16th, 2016): Patchwork Tote Bag (CLOSED)

DAY #17 (January 17th, 2016): Monsters Softie (CLOSED)

DAY #18 (January 18th, 2016): Monster Love Earflap Hat (CLOSED)

DAY #19 (January 19th, 2016): Mock-rame Hangers (CLOSED)

DAY #20 (January 20th, 2016): Cameron Wristers (CLOSED)

DAY #21 (January 21st, 2016): Cameron Slouch (CLOSED)

DAY #22 (January 22nd, 2016): Cameron Boot Toppers (CLOSED)

DAY#23 (January 23rd, 2016): Lovey Bearington (CLOSED)

DAY #24 (January 24th, 2016): Chilly Cables Headwrap (CLOSED)

DAY #25 (January 25th, 2016): Rope(ish) Textured Beanie (CLOSED)

DAY #26 (January 26th, 2016): Island Princess Swimsuit Cover (CLOSED)

DAY #27 (January 27th, 2016): Lakeshore Cover Up (CLOSED)

DAY #28 (January 28th, 2016): Splish Splash Mini Tote (CLOSED)

DAY #29 (January 29th, 2016): Zombies with Hats (CLOSED)

DAY #30 (January 30th, 2016): Skunk Pencil Holder (CLOSED)

Thank you all so much for joining is on this fun & exciting giveaway. Thank you for becoming a fan of my page and more importantly, of my work! I've had a blast reading all of your comments and seeing all of your projects, I hope you continue to share with me!
I just cannot believe we are at our final pattern already...which means we are already one month in to 2016!
Before I get to the last pattern, the final pattern, the pattern you picked, I want to tell you one more awesome thing I've decided to do:

>>>All of the past patterns from this giveaway (excluding today) have been set to 70% off from now through Friday, February 5th! Use code: MISSEDIT16 <<<   Woohoo!!!

Ok, and now, drum roll please....






DAY #31 (January 31st, 2016): Chilly Cables Coatigan - Adult sizes (CLOSED)
This is my absolute favorite design, so it was no surprise to me that it got voted in as today's pattern. The adult size won by one point over the child sizes and the Mrs. Claus Basket took 3rd place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Get this pattern free TODAY ONLY (1/31/16) using code: WINNER2016 . Make sure to click the heart and add it to your favorites!

CLICK HERE to get today's free pattern.

What patterns are you hoping to snag for free? Leave a comment and let me know! Or drop by the Blackstone Designs Crochet Community on Facebook and place your vote! The pattern that receives the most requests will be the free pattern on the last day!

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Thank you for hooking up with me today! Happy New Year!

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