Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Battle of the Stitches...Back for Round 4!

The theme is Love. The Stitch is the Lover's Knot.The competition is Fierce. And I'm so excited to have been invited back to be a part of it!

I have recently gone through all of the challenger shops (ya know, sizing up the competition, haha) and I am falling in love with their work all over I've decided to share with you one of my favorite designs from each of them...and then you will know why they have me totally intimidated!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Holiday Giveaway

I just love the holiday season! I love the idea of being with family to celebrate and I love the way it feels to give to others. And that's why I asked Kelly of Stormy Day Crafts and Shana of Caution: Artist at Play if they would like to team up with me at Blackstone Designs and make this holiday season a little brighter for one lucky winner!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NICU Charity Challenge

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Bonnie Potter of Sunset Crochet to design a hat for NICU babies for a crochet charity event she heads every year. I was honored to be invited!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cotton Twine Bracelets

Desperate times call for desperate measures sometimes...and this was the case with me last week.
My husband got me a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for my birthday, so I decided to head over there after I dropped my husband off at work. I have purchased a lot of new yarn lately, so I decided I would buy some other fun crafty supplies with it instead.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thank You!

Battle of the Stitches has come to a close. Winners have been chosen. And I am happy to say, I am the winner of the Fan choice!

Thank you to all who voted for me! I am so flattered to be the fan choice, with all the amazing designers and designs this round, this is truly something to be proud of.

Secondly, Thank You to all of the Round 3 sponsors! Day by Day Crochet, The Clay Sheep, The Hookeraholic Crochet, The Silk Drop, and Robyn Chachula

I would also like to say Thank You to all of designers in this round. You were amazing competition and I'm so glad to have gotten to battle with you and most importantly I'm glad I got to know you!

And last but not least, Thank You Kate for bringing me on as a challenger this round. It was a great experience and I'm happy I had this opportunity!

Congrats to Becky Dirlam of Grammy's Creations for winning judges choice!

All the Round 3 designs are featured in the Winter Wonderland Issue of Too Yarn Cute Magazine. 

So who wants to win a copy? One lucky person will receive their very own Winter Wonderland edition by random draw. Scroll on down the to the bottom of the page and enter via Rafflecopter. It also includes extra entry options.

Thank you for following Blackstone Designs and Battle of the Stitches!

Good Luck to all! (Make sure you keep your eye out on the pages of all Round 3 challengers for more chances to win a copy!)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Blog Hop

Phew, it's been a wild week. I have been designing two Halloween patterns plus I'm still in the process of reformatting my patterns and best of all, we turned in our final piece for Battle of the Stitches and voting started Wednesday. I am so excited to see how it all turns out and who made what. Make sure you go vote by clicking on the photo below and scrolling to the bottom of the page!
Battle of the Stitches Round 3

So, last week I was nominated by Sheri from Frogging Along to answer 4 questions about myself & my business. After I answer the questions, I am to nominate 3 people to answer the same questions. I'm game, it sounds like fun!

Why do I do what I do?
I love crafts, especially crochet. I just love anything that allows me to outlet this pent up creativity. My mind constantly races with fun things to make. A few years ago I decided it would be fun to sell the things I make. I offered custom crochet items as well as other crafts like Quiet Books and hair accessories. After  about a year of doing that I realized that I was crocheting more than I was doing anything else and I was making up my own patterns and I LOVED IT! I ultimately decided that crochet pattern designing is where the heart is!


How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I'm not sure if my work differs from others, but I think I have a pattern shop full of a variety of items, where as some designers stick to one area such as adult clothing or Amigurumi. I do it all (1st adult clothing item coming soon!). I also like to create random items that people may not have realized they wanted like my Shopping Cart Cover pattern or my new Apple Orchard Tote pattern. I like practicality!

How does my creative process work?
Gees, do I even have a creative process? My mind just races and races with ideas. I feel inspired by EVERYTHING in some way or another. I could see trees and think of something fun to make. I am often kept up late at night because my brain does not want to stop. I just wish I had the time to make everything I have written down! For instance, I recently came up with lots of summer designs, but summer came to an end, so now I will be sitting on them until next spring...but oh the designs next spring will probably bring lol

What am I working on now?  
Right now I am working on some Halloween items. I LOVE Halloween! I have a couple of my own designs on the hooks right now, but I am also participating in the Grim Wreath Challenge from The Crochet Crowd and the Little Monsters Photo Challenge from Red Heart! It's going to be another busy, yarn filled week! I love it!

Halloween Leg Warmers

Here's a Halloween design from last year; Leg Warmers:

Now it's time to nominate 3 people. There are so many bloggers I would like to hear from!
I just love a creative mind and I love to learn about people!

I will nominate:
1. Shana Rowe Jackson of Caution: Artist at Play, my lovely younger sister and very seriously talented artist.

2.  Amanda Nicole Evanson of MNE Crafts. I just met her through Battle of the Stitches and I'm so glad I did. She is such a sweetheart and has been such a big help to me!

3. Raelynn Orff of Alliecat's Hats and Crafts. Another sweetheart, Raelynn is a crochet designer local to me, which I think is AWESOME and I would definitely like to know more about her.

Ok ladies, next Friday 10/3 you need to make a blog post answering the same questions I just answered! Have fun! Can't wait to read them!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Super Simple Spiders

I'm working on the Grim Wreath Challenge from The Crochet Crowd and I've been brainstorming on what creatures really say "grim" to me.

I love witches, ghosts, and vampires, but nothing can possibly compare to how much spiders freak me out! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sneaky Peeky...Battle of the Stitches Round 3

OH MY....have you seen the sneak peeks for Battle of the Stitches Round 3? I am sooooo excited to see what everyone has come up with. There is not one design that has not piqued my interest! Even the "simple" one color creations do not fool me, I know what these ladies are made of! Check it out:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Battle Bulb Pattern - Battle of the Stitches Round 3

It's Battle of the Stitches time again and this girl right here is a Round 3 challenger. I'm so excited! I knew I was going to need to put my thinking cap on...but I didn't have one, so I immediately went to work on making one! At first I thought about making an actual cap, but then my lightbulb came on (haha!) and I made this headband instead!

Anyway, I want to share the pattern with you...of course!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Feelin' Groovy Purse

I designed the Rolling Waves Purse a couple of months ago (and it is the purse I use now). Well, my daughter also thinks it's her purse. She is always putting it on her shoulder and also pulling out the wallet...and all it's contents lol
So, I decided she needed her own purse! And she loves it! Woohoo!

It's the perfect purse for little girls. It has a small strap so it doesn't hang down too far, but the size of the purse and strap can be easily adjusted!

Worsted Weight 100% Cotton Yarn
G Hook
Yarn Needle (to hide string)

I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Mod Blue (Color A), Psychadelic Ombre (Color B), and I hand dyed their White in a reddish that's comparable to their Tangerine (Color C).

(Make 2)
Starting w/ Color A
1. Magic Ring, 10 dc in the ring, sl st to join in the 1st dc (10)
Switch to Color B
2. 2 dc in the spaces between each dc arnd, sl st to join in the 1st dc (20)
Switch to Color C
3. *2 dc, dc* in the sts arnd (not between), sl st to join in 1st dc (30)
Switch to Color B
4. *2 dc, dc x 2* in the spaces between each dc arnd, sl st to join in 1st dc (40)
Switch to Color A
5. *2 dc, dc x 3* in the sts arnd (not between), sl st to join in 1st dc (50)
Switch to Color B
6. *2 dc, dc x 4* in the spaces between each dc arnd, sl st to join in 1st dc (60). Fasten.

Hold circles together with the Wrong Side(WS)/Backside facing out so Right Sides (RS) are touching, sc around the outer edge in  43 sts (leaving 17 sts of each circle unworked). Turn the circles RS out and slip stitch arnd the opening. This will keep it open wide enough for those little uncoordinated hands.

1. Ch 51, sc across, ch 1, turn (50)
2. Sc across (50). Fasten
Sew two sts of the ends of the strap to the sides of the purse at the edge of the opening.

And now you have a purse! I keep picturing the opening as a mouth and have very much considered adding eyes and maybe some ears to the top...if anyone does it, please share with me!!!

I changed the colors around for the second circle. On this side the color combo would be C, B, A, B, C, B.

If you make them, please link to this post when sharing your creations! I would appreciate it so much!

Written Pattern © 2014 Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs. Please do not sell, share, or modify this pattern, but instead share the link to where the pattern can be found. You may sell items you make with this pattern. This pattern, as with all Blackstone Designs/Sonya Blackstone patterns, are not for educational use without written permission from the designer.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why should I BUY that pattern?

I'm part of several crochet groups on Facebook and I often come across comments full of complaints about the price of patterns. "No way am I paying that!" "They don't need to charge that much!" "$5.00 for ONE pattern?!". So why should you (or me) BUY that pattern? Here's my outlook:

Blackstone Designs Patterns

Sunday, July 27, 2014

2,000 Fans!

I have reached 2,000 fans on Facebook! I'm very excited! And of course you know what that means: GIVEAWAY!
I recently published two new patterns: Cameron Wristers and Cameron Boot Toppers to match the Cameron Slouch and I'm going to give the ENTIRE PATTERN PACK to one lucky winner.

BUT, that's not all! The lovely Ann from Glamour4You has a new pattern out too: Pretty in Plaid Jacket... and she has given me a copy to give to you! That's right, one lucky winner will also receive the Pretty in Plaid Jacket pattern!

I'm just so excited to kick this thing off!

Giveaway runs from Midnight Monday (7/28) until 11:59pm Sunday (8/3). Winner will be randomly chosen through Rafflecopter. This giveaway is sponsored by Blackstone Designs and Glamour4You only. No other entities are involved!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Team Pride Drink Cozy

** This post has been edited to remove any possible copyright infringment.

My husband's birthday was yesterday and of course I just had to make him something. (Hey, Mom always said handmade gifts meant the most!). So, I mixed his two favorite things together: Beer and Football!

This cozy could be worked up in any color scheme! It's also stretchy, so it can be used on water and soda bottles too.

It is insulated and water repellent, so the drink stays nice and cold and your hands don't get wet from the "sweat" (this is a husband tested and approved message). And the best part is, it's a super easy pattern!

Let me know what you think in the comments, or link  your own versions to me through your projects folder on Ravelry...I love to see your work!!!!
Here's the drink cozy pattern:

*100% ACRYLIC yarn in your favorite team colors ( for the water repellent effect - Cotton yarn will absorb the water)  - I used Red Heart Super Saver in Soft Navy (A) and Spring Green (B)
*I Hook
*Yarn needle (for hiding strings and sewing on other team related items if you so choose)

1. Make a magic ring, ch 3, 11 DC in the ring, sl st to join, pull ring closed, Ch 2
2. (DC, FPDC) in each st around (this means you will work a DC into the top of the stitch and then a FPDC around the post of the same stitch), sl st to join, Ch 2 (22)
3. *2 DC in each DC, FPDC arnd each FPDC* arnd, sl st to join, Ch 1 (33)
4. BLO: SC arnd, sl st to join, Ch 2 (33)
5. DC arnd, sl st to join, Ch 2 (33)
6-12. *FPDC arnd every DC* arnd, sl st to join, Ch 2 (33)
13-17. FPDC arnd, sl st to join, Ch 1 (33)
18. SC arnd, sl st to join, no chain (33)
19. Sl st arnd, Fasten. (33)

1. Ch 2, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, turn (1)
2. 2 sc in st, ch 1, turn (2)
3. 2 sc x 2, ch 1, turn (4)
4. 2 sc, sc x 2, 2 sc, ch 1, turn (6)
5-8. sc in each st across, ch 1, turn (6)
9. dec, sc x 2, dec, ch 1, turn (4)
10. dec x 2, ch 1, turn (2)
11. dec; sc arnd the outside, putting on sc in the end of each row and in the the top of row 1 & row 11. sl st to join, Fasten.
Add the laces using white puffy paint or stitch them on with white yarn.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern! Bottoms up!

Written Pattern © 2014 Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs. Please do not sell, share, or modify this pattern, but instead share the link to where the pattern can be found. You may sell items you make with this pattern. This pattern, as with all Blackstone Designs/Sonya Blackstone patterns, are not for educational use without written permission from the designer.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yarn Ball Stress Reliever

I came up with this Yarn Ball Stress Reliever pattern a while ago, but as usual so many things have come up and the typing of the pattern hit the back burner! On a good note, I'm giving it to you now! :)
This thing is a big hit in my house! It feel great on my hands, it exercises them and relieves the tension, plus my boys LOVE throwing it around. Bonus, the stitches are nice and tight, so I don't have to worry about an explosion lol

First, I used a DIY stress ball recipe I found on Pinterest. I'm not sure exactly what pattern I used because time has passed, but there are many out there. Mine involved cornstarch and a balloon. They can also be bought pre-made of course. (**optional: stuff the ball with fiberfill or yarn scraps instead)

Monday, July 7, 2014

"Lucky Number 7"

I decided to make my first post a round-up of free crochet patterns involving symbols of luck. You may be asking why...that's because today is 7/7 and it's the day of my first blog post for my new blog.
For those who don't know, I formerly blogged at Beautiful Ducklings.
I came to a decision that I would prefer my business name to be more of a reflection of me and what I do. There were many things that could not be changed when making this switch, so I will still have some accounts floating around with the old business name, including my old blog. I have decided to leave it up and I may add those same things to this blog in the future, but for now I am starting with a blank canvas.
Please be patient with me, blogs take a lot of time and energy to get up and running in wholeness, so it may be a bit before this site seems functional.

Thanks for reading my intro and now as promised: 7 FREE "lucky" patterns::

Clover Applique by damn it Janet, let's crochet!
Pot o' Gold Coaster by Yarn Pixie
Rainbow Drops clutch by Chocolate Mints in a Jar
Ladybug Baby Toy Pattern by Jessica Boyer
Grace - Elephant Comfort Blanket by Look At What I Made
Acorn Newborn Hat by Lakeview Cottage Kids
Maneki Neko Good Luck Cat by Crafts by AP

Stop back for more FREE pattern round-ups, new pattern release announcements, and GIVEAWAYS!!!


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